Bare Arts Brewery


Posted on May 15 at 12:47 PM. Last edited on May 15 at 12:48 PM

We are a four barrel craft brewery that began brewing in 2005 and it is named after our art gallery barearts which opened in 2000. barearts art gallery is dedicated to nude art work.

To reduce our carbon footprint and to ensure value and quality our beers are only available from our beers shops. We do not supply any pubs.

Our beers are brewed to the highest standards of quality and are all bottled conditioned. They are triple dropped for clarity and flavour.

This takes much longer than brewing cask conditioned draught beers and involves the use of three fermentation/conditioning vessels, before the beer is bottled.

We can usually offer a choice of between 15 and 20 of our fine quality beers.

As there is no middle-man and our beers come directly from the Brewer to the Drinker our costs are kept to a minimum and we are able to offer them to you at a very reasonable price.

If Kathryn’s work was for sale in some one else’s gallery they would charge a substantial commission and the paintings and drawings would cost much more.


Bare Arts Brewery
108-110 Rochdale Road
West Yorkshire

OL14 7LP