Bike & Go Halifax

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Posted on Jun 26 at 14:29 PM. Last edited on Jun 26 at 14:34 PM


Bike & Go is a new bike hire scheme that lets you quickly and easily complete your train journey by bike.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Register your credit or debit card details here and pay the annual subscription fee
  2. Receive your Bike & Go card in the post
  3. Check availability at your chosen station
  4. Hand in your Bike & Go card at the station’s ticket office to collect the key to your bike
  5. The rental fee will automatically be charged at the end of every month
  6. Unlock the bike from the station and get pedalling!
  7. Remember to use both locks when leaving your bike unattended
  8. Return the bike to the station, lock it and return the key to ticket office

WHY BIKE & GO? Bike & Go gives you all the comfort and convenience of travelling by train with the freedom and flexibility of riding a bike.

  • Get to your destination faster and fitter
  • Leave queues, delays and traffic behind
  • No walking, no waiting. Just get on your Bike & Go!
  • Freedom to travel where you want, when you want
  • A cost-effective way to continue your journey
  • Hire up to two bikes at a time – great for friends!


Bike & Go Halifax
Halifax Train Station
Horton Street
West Yorkshire