Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve


Posted on May 14 at 12:29 PM. Last edited on May 14 at 12:30 PM

Cromwell Bottom is one of the richest areas in Calderdale in terms of biodiversity, boasting over 130 species of plant, 200 species of birds, large numbers of mammals, amphibians and a plethora of invertebrate life.

Cromwell bottom is split into three areas by the looping River calder. There are woodlands, grasslands and ponds where in summer butterflies, dragonflies and leeches can be seen. There are also large amounts of scrub, wet woodland, two lagoons and lowland bog.

There are a network of permissive footpaths on the site, in the form of both well made footpaths and simple desire lines. Car parking is free and seasonal ranger led events take place throughout the year.


Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve
Cromwell Bottom
Off Elland Road