Calderdale Off Road Climb 48

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by andy.geall79

Posted on Feb 25, 2015 at 14:25 PM

Scammonden Water

Scammonden Water is more of a link than a climb although the last part of this link provides a good challenge. The link turns off Scammonden Lower Rd and heads down a steep slope before turning right under the motorway. The path then loops back and runs parallel with the motorway before following the reservoir path. As the reservoir narrows the path takes a steep left and climbs up to Green Stacks Lane. Link profile has a good surface throughout with an average gradient of 1.7% giving the link an entry level (Green) status.

Climb Status

Entry Level – Green

Entry Level climbs have a slight gradient and are likely to be short with no technical difficulty, they are ideal for people who are new to cycling and have limited experience cycling uphill. Calderdale with its steep sided valleys has very few climbs of this nature.



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Distance: 2.09 km

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