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by andy.geall79

Posted on Oct 22, 2014 at 16:13 PM

Cragg Vale

The famous climb of Cragg Vale is the longest continuous uphill in England. Many cyclists have a love hate relationship with this climb as it’s not particularly hard with an average gradient of just over 3%. Although the average gradient isn’t steep the climb kicks up through the village of Cragg Vale to a maximum 12.8% and the distance and weather can seriously impact how long it takes to complete the climb. The wind heading south will help progress especially on the open moorland section that is exposed to the elements. Climb status challenging (Blue) and (Cat 3) taking into consideration weather conditions.

Climb Status

Challenging – Blue

Challenging climbs are likely to feature an average gradient between 3 and 5% and can feature some technical difficulty. These climbs are ideal for people who have a good level of fitness and want to improve their ability to climb and feel a sense of achievement.



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Distance: 9.5 km


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